Toy and Joys for Girls and Boys 2021

Toys & Joys for girls and Boys is Back!!!

This year we are collaborating with Flaco, president of Fresno Family Loyalty Car Club, and many more Low riders clubs in the Fresno area. As you all know for many years I have done a toy drive for the children living in the Motels & how T.J.G.B started and why. These children were always forgotten about and had no way to make it to a Toy give away. Since the Motels have now been converted into shelters, access to these Motels are not allowed. So, this year we will be passing out gifts from Santa at Roeding Park at the Pavillion by the playground. This park gives us close enough access to all the low barrier shelters on Parkway and close enough for all the walk to the park.

W.A.N.I. will be passing out Gifts to the children and the Car clubs will be bringing hygiene bags, more gifts & cooking a huge homemade meal for all to enjoy! We have THE BIG RED CHURCH for a drop location. If anyone would like to join in and become a drop location , please message Dez today. We will be having our wrapping party on Wed , Dec 15th at Cross Roads Village on Blackstone at 6 p.m. You do not have to sign up. Just show up and join in

Give gifts through Amazon WISHLIST

Donate towards gifts via PAYPAL here

Please share & Give a Gift of Love to a child in need.

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