Vigil for Brother Rick

Please join us Wednesday, November 13 at 5:30pm. to honor and share memories of my street family member I was proud to call my brother, Rick Limas. Services will be across the street from the Sands Motel, which is at 1441 North Golden State, at Pine and Golden State.

I met Brother Rick back in 2016 when he first became homeless. He always would say a prayer over me, give me spiritual protection while out in the streets. When I met both Tom & Rick I had my own black alley I was going down. These 2 Angels appeared in my life and gave me Faith. So many stories and wisdom I can share about the both of them. But I cant see through the constant flow of tears.
This week has been one of my hardest. I didn’t have time to heal let alone breath. You see, you do not have to be blood to be family, your just family and that’s it. And that’s how my brothers were, My Family. They gave wisdom, protection, unconditional love, brotherly advice lol & would clothe and feed anyone cold or hungry even if it was their last piece of bread or only coat.

One of Brother Ricks wishes while homeless was for a drumming circle to come out to one of the feedings, He said ” My spirit needs it”, he would talk about the war and battles being fought out there in the streets at night and how so many souls are lost and need healing. He said “Sister, if no one will come , all I need is some wood and buck skin and I will make my own”. No one ever came and i never got that wood and buck skin.

I am asking for all brothers & sisters to come out and honor a warrior who took care of the Invisible people in the streets while he was unhoused and  housed. He was a Warrior in so many other ways and deserves so much more. Please Share this, I’m hoping we get a drumming circle to honor our Native Brother and give him that wish he so deserved.

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