Vigil for Tower Tom November 8

We welcome the community to join us tonight for a vigil is being held for Thomas Pena, who called himself Tower Tom, Friday evening, November 8, 6:00 at the canal near Belmont and Fulton.

While he didn’t have a house, Tower District was his home. Tower Tom was not just any individual on the streets in the Tower District. He was every part of the Tower District. For over ten years that he resided in the Tower District Community, he cleaned the community by sweeping it with a handmade broom or a Dollar Tree broom or a leaf blower. He also picked up at least 50 needles a day trying to protect children from seeing them or pick them up accidentally. He did a lot for his community and he was targeted also.”

his vigil is also to raise awareness about our street family members who are out here; how many of them are true angels; how many of them truly care about our community; how many of them want to see our streets clean and drug free. He was that man. He was that man. He was somebody who cared about his house and his house was the Tower District.