Project Safe Camp

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Join us in making a difference for the homeless in Fresno! We Are Not Invisible has started the Safe Camp Project- an effort to provide a safe lot of land for those who are homeless to camp until they can find permanent housing.

The Safe Camp provides a tent, bedding, and other living essentials for each resident on the property. The camp also provides a kitchen area and food, bathrooms, sinks, laundry basins, and other hygiene amenities, as well as security.

Stated journalist Joel Pickford, “Homeless activist, Dez Martinez, has established a clean, well-managed homeless camp beneath the freeway 41 overpass in downtown Fresno. She has set up a bathroom, shower, kitchen, pantry, office, patio and has even installed planters to beautify the property. Solar power and other green technologies are ingeniously used throughout the camp. She screens prospective residents rigorously and sees to it that everyone follows rules and works every day to maintain the camp.”

How can you help with Project Safe Camp?





  • Contribute to We Are Not Invisible’s Go Fund Me campaign. We Are Not Invisible needs to raise $12,000 for required start up costs for a new long-term safe camp. DONATE HERE

  • Sign up for solar- Clovis Power has also teamed up with us to support our goal of starting a new safe camp on private property and providing the needed supplies. For every new account they receive, they will donation $100 to We Are Not Invisible for the Safe Camp:

    We decided to donate $100 for every new solar account before my birthday. One was a little late, but we decided to round up… they are doing wonderful work, with little to resources… I will share a link for anyone that may want to reach out and help. This camp did not exist 2 weeks ago, and it is clean, organized, and safe.

    Contact Clovis on Facebook here.


More opportunities will be listed on this page and on the Homeless In Fresno Facebook page.