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Water is Life.

And it’s a huge need for our street family. Without adequate, regular access to water, our street family deal with lack of proper hydration. Summer can be an especially dangerous time, with increase risks of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and other dehydration related health problems.

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Please fill out our Project H2O Volunteer Form if you are interested in helping every day

Help give out water
Our water outreaches are as often as the water comes in and could be random days of the week. We do focus on the hottest part of the day which is usually 1pm- 6 pm. Volunteer using the form above to be part of water outreach. Groups welcome. Contact WANI at 559-412-6800 or at for more information and to schedule days to go out.

**Note, due to COVID-19, certain activities will be restricted or modified to met health and safety needs**

Donate food
Project H20 is not just about water, it is also about cold healthy food. Cold sandwiches, cold drinks, salads, fruit, cooling towels, ice cream day, shorts, tanks, socks (feet sweat in shoes and never washed causing infection in feet), and sandals or tennis shoes. Anything that will keep them cool and hydrated during the hot summer months.

Donate water or funds for purchase of water

Donate cases of water. Contact WANI via text or call at 559-412-6800 to coordinate a drop off. Donate funds towards water here (let us know the donation is for Project H2O:


Or donate money Venmo: @We-Are-Not-Invisible

***If you are donating cases of water, food, money, or other items, please fill out this Water Donation Form for every donation.**

Current Volunteers:

Here is the daily log to fill out after you go out! Help us know who and where we are helping! Project H2O Daily Outreach Log

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