Fresno Feed Team

We invite you to join our Fresno Feed Team. Help by making a meal to be deliver to our street family!

If you would like to be Involved with the COVID-19 Feed Team, please contact Marilyn at (559) 903-0635.
Thank you all for your continued support

How this started:

In March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic shelter in, the street family told us that many of those who had gone out to them and done food outreach stopped coming on. In light of this need, local businesses and community members have stepped up and provided food to be taken out to our street family. We’ve had restaurants, faith groups, and families bring delicious, hot meals that have been greatly appreciated and enjoyed by our street family. We called it our COVID-19 Fresno Feed Team. We will continue to serve our family and welcome you to be part of this work of love!


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