November Potluck in the Park

Enjoy a delicious  lunch with our street family on Saturday, November 21, 11am-2pm at Eaton Plaza, the park next to the Fresno Water Tower (map Fresno Water Tower for direction) and Downtown Fresno Library. The lunch starts at noon.

Potluck in the Park is the 3rd Sat of every month and is an opportunity to provide community and friendship with our street family meals by sharing in a meal and conversation. The event is fun and casual and children and leashed pets are welcome! We invite the community to cook a homemade meal and come sit with us as we eat great food and enjoy good conversations with our street families.

For this month, La Jacka will be serving the meal for the potluck

For this months events, we welcome donations of warm clothing and other essentials for Project Share The Warmth,

such as jackets, blankets, socks, gloves, sweat pants, shoes, long sleeved clothing, beanies, etc.


And, of course, we welcome you to come, help serve, and enjoy a meal with our street family


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