We Are Not Invisible was started by a formerly homeless woman who was noticing a lack of resources in her area for homeless services. WANI seeks to serve the homeless community with compassion, protect their dignity, and empower them to gain housing and social opportunities. Join us in solidarity with the street family.

Fresno Woman Dedicates Herself to Helping City’s Homeless

Click to listen to and read The California Report article by Vanessa Rancano on Desiree Martinez and We Are Not Invisible.

Share The Warmth

Provide Warmth To Our Homeless

**takes place during winter time. Please consider planning ahead to contribute and volunteer**

During the cold winter months,  our street family need help staying warm without shelter. There are two ways you can help share the warmth:


Come join us for Share the Warmth!26733987_1953624018232560_3512425379198269992_n
Volunteers are needed to help prepare hot cocoa and other items for the night and to go out and share the warmth through friendship and sharing!


You can  literally envelope our family members in warmth by donating clothing and bedding! Are you part of a group, like a church, student or service group, club, or other organization? Help us by raising donations as a group!

25550557_1939771102951185_4089226493702029051_nItems needed include coats, socks, hats/caps, warm gloves, thermals, sweatpants, tarps, pet warmers. Food and beverages, as well, are needed, such as sandwiches, travel bags of coffee, tea, cocoa. and soups.
Everything will go directly to our street family.
Note: If you would like to donate prepared meals, you must be able to bring the items. WANIF is not available beforehand to pick up meals.

To get involved, email homelessinfresno@gmail.com.
Purchase and ship donations directly to We Are Not Invisible via our Amazon Wishlist here:


Project Safe Camp

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Project Safe Camp

Join us in making a difference for the homeless in Fresno! We Are Not Invisible has started the Safe Camp Project- an effort to provide a safe lot of land for those who are homeless to camp until they can find permanent housing.

The Safe Camp provides a tent, bedding, and other living essentials for each resident on the property. The camp also provides a kitchen area and food, bathrooms, sinks, laundry basins, and other hygiene amenities, as well as security.

Stated journalist Joel Pickford, “Homeless activist, Dez Martinez, has established a clean, well-managed homeless camp beneath the freeway 41 overpass in downtown Fresno. She has set up a bathroom, shower, kitchen, pantry, office, patio and has even installed planters to beautify the property. Solar power and other green technologies are ingeniously used throughout the camp. She screens prospective residents rigorously and sees to it that everyone follows rules and works every day to maintain the camp.”

How can you help with Project Safe Camp?


  • Donate funds for the camp via Venmo @We-Are-Not-Invisible


  • Donations may be sent to We Are Not Invisible via Paypal


  • We are in need of supplies to sustain operations on a dirt field. Donations of plastic pallets, gravel to cover the ground, solar lights, storage sheds are needed. Email wearenotinvisible2015@gmail.com to assist with these items.